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Super Duper 4 Pack

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The roll out of Mr. Cornwall’s Super-Duper Everlasting Oil completes the incredible versatility of the Odie’s finish line, providing for an easy to use Danish Oil type format but with the strength, durability and safety you have come to expect from an Odie’s Oil product.

  • For Interior or Exterior Use
  • A Multi-surface product (wood, concrete, masonry, steel, metal, and more)
  • Great protection for all unfinished wood surfaces including fine furniture, tables, decks, floors, doors, siding, etc.
  • For projects large and small and all of your woodworking needs.
  • Easy to use thin formulation – just wipe, spray, roll, or brush on and simply wipe off
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with any other Odie’s finish product
  • Works extremely well with Mr. Cornwall’s Creative Colors, just add the pigment Mr. Cornwall’s mineral pigment directly into the bottle, then shake or stir frequently to maintain even distribution.
  • Finish without limits – no sanding limits or tedious application steps
  • Food-safe, Family and Pet Safe, and All-Natural – no toxic chemicals or carcinogens such as petroleum-based solvents or isocyanate hardeners, no masks or gloves required
  • Contain natural UV inhibitors which protect from the sun
  • Stabilize, Protect, Beautify and Waterproof
  • A pleasant finishing experience with unmatched workability and flexibility
  • Inspired by and made from the natural properties of plants
  • Bonds with the surface instead of sitting on top for superior durability for both commercial and residential applications

Every Odie’s product provides the user with the highest quality finishing experience available on the market. Our products provide a truly safe alternative, with unmatched durability, efficiency, clarity, beauty and ease-of-use.

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