The Back Story

A Search for a Pure, Non-toxic Finish

The Odie’s (Odysseus Cornwall’s Outstanding oils and waxes) is a family manufacture in Florida, USA since 1982.

The founder is a woodworking specialist who has a wide plank flooring company. He was unhappy with both the look of mainstream conventional wood finishes and the risk of exposure to the chemicals and toxins offered by the finish and chemical products industry, so the developer of Odieʼs Oil searched for safer alternatives to mainstream industry offerings.

Can a finish be non-toxic and still produce an effective result? This was his question to which Odieʼs Oil became the answer.

It quickly gathered a fan base that referred to it as the “magic finish”. Odie’s works harmoniously with the natural oils and waxes in the wood. No solvents, no toxins, easy to use and an incredibly lustrous sheen, this was the holy grail of finishes.

However, Odie’s has been invented for the founder’s own use, it became such a success, that it spread very quickly in the USA, and is now at the gate of conquering Europe. Join us, be the part of the Odie’s revolution!

Odie’s Oil is a solvent free, non-toxic, food safe, one coat finish and stabilizer that can be used for all interior and exterior applications. Use on wood, stone, concrete, clay, brick, metal, epoxy, plastic, leather surfaces. It contains no chemicals, hardeners or driers. It contains no “fillers” or low-quality refined oils to thin down the product to make it cheaper to manufacture, however it covers 20 times the area of conventional wood finishes.

Each ingredient in Odie’s Oil is sourced for purity and quality to ensure its effectiveness in the Odie’s Oil secret formula. The raw materials are then blended in a proprietary, handmade process that ensures an effective and superior finish and stabilizer. Odie’s Oil has a creamy, pale amber color and a honey-like consistency with a pleasant odor and no harmful VOCs. Odie’s is safe for everybody: kids, pets, environment. It contains natural UV inhibitors-sunscreen for your wood.




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