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The food-safe Odie’s Oil can be applied to any surface with ease of use!







About us

20X the coverage of traditional finishes

A little Odie’s Oil goes a long way!  And Odie’s Oil is food safe and can be used on all wood surfaces, interior and exterior. Odie’s Oil stands up to the competition and wins!

No muss, No fuss

This single amazing finish can be used anywhere and is so easy to apply that almost anyone can use it with success. It is not complicated to use. Wipe it on. Buff it off. Now how easy is that?

Utilizing the discipline of biomimicry

Odie’s Oil uses the finest oils and waxes produced by nature to protect your wood surfaces. These oils and waxes evolved in nature to protect plants from the constant bombardment of the elements, insects, fungi and other bio-organisms. Odie’s Oil is the most natural and effective way to finish a wood surface by bringing you the best of nature, today’s technology, and the time-tested knowledge of the ancient masters.

Maintain your surfaces easily with Odie’s!

Odie’s Oil products are totally food-safe, since they don’t contains toxic solvents, driers or hardeners. It’s the most convenient finish to work with, and is totally safe for your family and pets. Odie’s products are easily maintainable, and no sanding is needed between the coats!

Resists stains, moisture, and water

The concept behind Odie’s Oil is “what is applied to the wood is what stays in the wood”. The wood surface and pores are completely saturated with the oils and waxes in the Odie’s Oil that is applied, making the surface totally water repellent! Odie’s Oil contains no solvents, so the whole application remains on the surface during the drying process, making it the most effective finish in just one coat! Additional coats can be applied depending on wood species and desired visual effect.

In search of a non-toxic, pure natural finish

Odie’s founder James Tinghitella, who also owns a wide plank flooring company, was unsatisfied with the effects of conventional wood finishes, so he decided to develop a much safer, all natural alternative with decades of experience in woodworking.

The main focus was on creating a non-toxic finish, capable to achieve a long-lasting protection against most environmental exposures, and after years of development Odie’s Oil became the answer.

After gathering huge success in the U.S., Odie’s product palette is now at the gate of conquering Europe as well.

The solvent-, chemical- and VOC-free, non-toxic, food-safe Odie’s Oil one coat finish and stabilizer can be used for all kinds of interior and exterior applications. Use on wood, stone, concrete, clay, brick, metal, epoxy, plastic, leather surfaces, covering up to 20 times the area than conventional wood finishes.

Each ingredient in Odie’s Oil is sourced for purity and quality to ensure its effectiveness in the Odie’s Oil secret formula, making it safe for everybody: kids, pets, environment.

The raw materials are then blended in a proprietary, handmade process that ensures an effective and superior finish and stabilizer, that contains natural UV inhibitors-sunscreen for your wood.