Mr. Cornwall’s Creative Colours – Titanium White

39.99 incl. 27% VAT

Mr. Cornwall’s Creative Colours are 100% pure finely ground pigments created especially for the Artisan, Craftsman, and Master.  These pigments can be mixed with all of the Odie’s finishes to create decorative finishes, man-made patinas, and color-matched protective finishes for furniture and floors.

You can use Mr. Cornwall’s Creative Colours to create custom stains. Blend the colors together to create your own colors. And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @odiesoil.eu so we can see the result.

Comes in 266 ml (9 oz) glass jars.

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Pigment application step by step:

1. Mix the powder pigment with the Odie’s Super Penetrating Oil. There is no fix recipe, but firstly we recommend to mix it in 1:2 proportion (pigment: oil).

2. Put the pigmented oil on the surface. After 1 hour buff it off completely.

3. Wait for 24 to 49 hours before the next layer. No less than 24 hours, that is the key!!

4. Apply a clear coat of Odie’s Oil. Let it sit then buff it off.

5. After 1 week you can use the surface. But the total curing time is 14 days, during this time the surface must not come into contact with any liquid or moisture.

You may need to apply multiple layers to achieve the desired color saturation. It is always important to test your stain before applying it to the entire piece. This is a custom-made stain, so you will be in complete control of what color you make. It’s an opportunity for your creativity to shine through!

A reverse-ebonized coffee table is getting finished in Odie’s Oil blended with Titanium White pigment.


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