As the world undergoes a full-out assault by those who wish to change the order of things (and I won’t go into details about the bottom-up perturbations) it is becoming more and more evident to those paying attention that the political, economic, financial, business, and available product options are a big scam, the result of in many ways – nefarious planning all along. What we have accepted as viable products, as financial systems, and as political realities were in fact part of an overall scheme to entrap, enslave, and exploit us all; a long game to a specified end of consolidation of wealth and control. For our discussion, we will keep our focus on the products in the market portion of the scheme.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution big financial and ultimately big corporate interests became masters at manipulating what appeared to be reality in service to their own interests. Hence, products were made for expediency, low cost, and with planned obsolescence in mind – at least since Henry Ford’s emergence as an industrial giant. From the laboratory to the production floor, from the patent office to the marketing department – products were designed, made, and sold with multiple agendas in mind usually in service only to the corporations and not to the consumers. Profits before anything else is the motive, many times dressed-up in value-based concepts such as “progress”, “innovation”, and even environmental sustainability while the dirty little secrets hidden from the public eye often reveal nothing short of doom and disaster (Cobalt mining for electric car batteries is but one example[1]). In many cases, the use of toxic substances and the reappropriation of toxic waste using the consumer products industry as a dumping ground became a common practice.[2]

As power and wealth consolidated, those with the big capital increasingly bought-out emerging competitors.[3] They utilized media “programming” (of every level and type) to literally program the masses to accept their nefarious projections of reality and to buy and consume their products. Today, a very small handful of giant financial interests own the vast majority of leading brands and are increasingly buying up any independent emergent success stories at an ever-faster pace. The result is that most emergent inventions and brands are owned by these very same power houses sooner or later. Some innovations are bought just to be shelved, in order to stifle or remove the competition they represent to existing market-share. Other companies and brands were perhaps created for the sole purpose of assuring appropriation, usage, and distribution of essential money-making components, such as waste by-products of big-chemical or big-petroleum, giving consumers the illusion of choice. Another technique used often is to create one’s own competition by funding new ventures that serve as competing brands secretly owned but the very same capital giants and which utilize their essential money-making components (again giving consumers the illusion of choice); an example of which is the d-isocyanate found in many finishes. This is one of the main reasons why we see very little difference in product formulation or mode of action across the many finish brands on the market. Hence, such formulations become an artificial norm, not for reasons of efficacy, product safety, or what is best for consumers and end users but solely in service to the profiteering of big financial and corporate interests. The unspoken motto is consumer be damnedas long as the profits keep flowing up the ladder to the top of the pyramid. Big money pays for lobbyists and political clout, the tables are tipped in favor of the money barons (sometimes even through government regulation), and this is how the whole system gets rigged from top to bottom. The unsuspecting public has been exploited from every corner while altruistic products and solutions to pressing problems are more often sidelined or squashed.

These very same power and money hungry giants pay for an army of bots and minions, foolish parrots, and media-prostitutes to promote their products and denigrate and assail any threats to their cloaked monopoly. In addition, some consumers capriciously get angry when these illusion or false narratives are contradicted or exposed for what they are. If you are not in their club, you are the enemy; and if you are a consumer well then, you need to be exploited and corralled. Once corralled you are captive, and sometimes, if we use the livestock industry as an example, we all know what comes next. Yet consumers are not the only victims of these bullies. Emerging “disruptive” technologies or companies (as are opposing narratives) are usually attacked at every possible angle from computer hacking to industrial espionage, from social media cancellation, to nonsensical pseudo-regulation as big money funds both the “war” machine and the vacuum cleaner in the distribution chain that sucks all the money back up to them at the top.

So, in case you are wondering why we here at Odie’s Oil frequently compare our product-line to competing finish modalities, you can now understand that we simply need to expose the truth of the matter and help finishers break free of the programming. You can be sure that we have been constantly under attack by these very same powerful interests, we are in a war – a war for the perception of reality of what is good and what is not, what is effective and truly sustainable and what is just in service to the would-be overlords. Our company is built completely differently – no hidden hands, no venture capital, no corporate overlords, just a company built on facts, the truth, and the best possible products for the challenge.

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