This June Odie’s founder James gave a visit to our Odie’s Europe headquarters in Budapest, Hungary. Our workshops, which have taken place at Solinfo Cinema, were the perfect opportunity to strengthen the cooperation with our European resellers and talk about all the plans for the future.

During this relatively short amount of time, a lot of things happened, which we’ve all learned from and motivates us all to advance even more. All of our visitors had the occasion to extend their knowledge not only on Odie’s but also further market opportunities. James has also shown some great methods how to make some beautiful and water-resistant workpieces.

Odie’s US and EU leaders James and Mark also gave a visit to our very new partner in Belgium to bring not only the best finish but also the best know-how to the local market.

As we’re extending our partner network across Europe, we’d like to encourage you to contact us on if you’d like to be our distributor.

During these busy weeks James managed not only to see beautiful places in Europe, but also to discover new ways of growth. Hereby we would like to express our thanks to James and of course our partners for being with us, we’re looking forward to realizing our future growth together as one!